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Our Aim is to Live Up to Our Name

Superior Maintenance Service: Office Cleaning in Alliston


Since 1961, Superior Maintenance Service has been the gold standard in providing janitorial services and building maintenance in Alliston and surrounding areas. Now in 2020, we are living in a fast-changing world. However, you can be assured that Superior Maintenance Service is COVID-19 screened, monitored and trained.


For decades, Doug Milligan and his family have seen the business grow to become one of the largest and most competitive in the area.

Our Cleaning Service Mission

At Superior Maintenance Service, we’re dedicated to “putting the service back in service.” As Doug says, ”Many people may complain of a company’s lack of service. I say, many companies today don’t know what service is and if it is your only product, you are in trouble. Over the years, we have entered 100s of businesses with the goal of taking on its cleaning parameters as if it was our own. The question we ask ourselves when we leave the premises is, ‘Would I want to work or live in this environment if I came in the next day?’”

Building on this ideal and the utmost commitment to understanding a customer’s needs, Superior Maintenance Service continues to grow as an industry leader.

If you are looking for a company that will do more than a “good enough” or “decent job,” contact the professionals dedicated to helping you make a good first impression with a spic-and-span space!

Remember, “Our aim is to live up to our name”: Superior Maintenance Service!

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